Assassin Cats Agency

An ever evolving Spy-RPG style, story driven, NFTs avatar collection of 7777 unique Cat Agents

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Special Agent Mint A7


“Welcome to the Agency recruit, I’m Special Agent Mint A7 and I was assigned to show you around our Base Alpha.
This facility is where you will receive your training, equipment and first mission; treat it like your new home.
Remember our rules:
• We never reveal our identity
• We never speak about our mission
• We never question our assignments

But it’s not only work around here, cat! We also play, gather, share stories… our community is strong and will get stronger!

So get comfortable, because you are about to start the best journey of your life; welcome inside the Assassins Cat Agency!”

The year is 2020 and, after a secret conflict between a very famous club of apes and an elitarian punk community, the latter decided to fund the expansion of a very small agency of natural born killers: the ACA – Assassin Cats Agency.
A year has passed and the Agency reached the maximum capacity for its Base Alpha: 7777 Cats. They are all heavily trained and masters in different techniques; but they are no more hired by a single community.
Their skills are now at the service of a wider and constantly growing circle of people that dare to call themselves “the NFT community”… whatever that might actually mean.
They work in the shadows, but if you eventually cross one of these Cats on your path I hope for your life that it will be because you are trying to hire them!


ACA will be a forever growing story driven NFTs avatar project, where your Agent will play an active role in its development.
In the future we will release Missions that will require specific Skills and Levels to be completed also by performing games, puzzles or competitions held exclusively for those Agents who meet the requirements.
At Mission completion rewards will be unlocked and the story of the Agency will move forward, in a continuing evolving RPG-spy style environment.

But wait, holding a Cat Agent will also provide the owner with future benefits despite participate to any Mission; some of the story advancements will unlock Milestones resulting in free rewards for EVERYONE! Our Agency is a Family, one Agent success is the whole Agency success!


🎨Fur, Eyes, Head, Neck, Clothes, Weapon, Hands             Background
🎮LEVELS // Strength, Resistence, Accuracy, Agility,                            Intelligence
     SKILLS // Martial Arts - Marksmanship - Stealth -                               Acrobatics - Mind Power 


As investors we have always found roadmaps linked to %s of sales to be not of our taste. We honestly believe that a team should work on a project despite how it performed economically; if not for those “perks” that clearly requires specific funds to be completed.
Also we are definitely not fans of over-promises.
This is why we kept the Roadmap simple and we only divided it between what we will start to work on since right after the launch; and what is our vision for ACA on a longer term view:

Working on the release of the first Agency Mission
We have already published few Test Missions inside our Base Alpha (Discord) and are currently writing, organizing and programming our first full Mission.
From our discord: I'm sure you are all wondering how a Mission will be played.
There is no way for us to know what Missions will actually turn out to be, eventually; Senior Agents, Agents, successes, failures, everything will affect the way Missions will evolve.
The basic idea is to have them narrate the story of the Agency starting from a specific event that you will soon read about. How the story will unfold is completely up to you.
The first Mission will most likely be played like a D&D written or voice session, using one of your Agent as main character and helping writing the initial chapter of the Agency…
Working on the first airdrop [work in progress]
We want to rewards EVERY cat Agent in our Agency with a free mintable NFTs, despite sales. This is why we have already started working on this and a sneak-peak has already been revealed exclusively to Cat owners. It is coming very soon and will be available to EVERYONE that will mint a Cat, also in the future for a set time frame.
Community building, new staff, community ideas
We've already welcome our first Mod and working on hiring more team-members; community feedbacks has been essential for us and you can join our Base to check that we treated them as treasures!

Here is where we don’t like to overstate; again, we do strongly believe that it is way better to say less and deliver more. The following are few of the many things we have planned and, just to give you an example, we have already arranged what we need to create a Comic Book as soon as The Agency will have enough story to share
✅ More Missions and Milestones
✅ First Novel that will feature all the stories from our Agency
✅ Comic Book
✅ Base Beta, with a second drop, is in our plans!

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